Universal Plans Another Bourne Sequel

Universal have hired Invictus screenwriter Anthony Peckham to provide a script for the next installment in the ongoing Bourne franchise. Jeremy Remmer will return for a sequel to The Bourne Legacy, although it still looks like Matt Damon won’t be tempted into reprising the titular role of Jason Bourne.

Universal had harbored fairly public hopes that Damon would consider returning, but the star was candidly unimpressed by The Bourne Legacy, presumably leaving it to Remmer’s character Aaron Cross to carry the story forward for at least another film.

It’s also unclear whether or not director Tony Gilroy will remain in charge behind the camera. Gillroy provided the screenplays for the past four films in the series, so it remains to be seen whether the studios move to hire a new screenwriter could be followed by a new director too.

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