Inside Out 2 Hits Billion Dollar Box Office

Pixar sequel Inside Out 2 had a record breaking $295 million opening weekend. Since then the emotion packed animated film has continued to dominate global box offices and has now in only it’s third week since release, pushed past the much coveted $1 billion milestone.

Not only does this achievement mark it out as the first bllion dollar success of 2024, but it also seesĀ  Inside Out 2 surpass Frozen 2 as the fastest animated film to accomplish this feat. Inside Out 2 reached the impressive box office haul in just 19 days, comparing favourably to the 25 days Frozen took to join the billionaire film club.

The stunning success for Inside Out 2 stands in very stark contrast to the commercial failure of other supposed early summer blockbusters like Furiosa and The Fall Guy.

Forthcoming releases for Despicable Me 4, Twisters and Marvel effort Deadpool & Wolverine will be hoping to follow suit in winning back cinema crowds this summer.

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