Highlander Reboot Sets 2025 Shoot Date

Chad Stahelski’s much anticipated Highlander reboot staring Henry Cavil is set to commence filming in January 2025, as confirmed by the director himself during a recent appearance at the Malta Mediterranean Film Festival this past weekend.

Speaking during an interview with Collider the director said

“We start shooting in January, I go to Scotland on Monday to do the final location scout… We have the right people, we have the right cast, we have the right trainers, so it’s more about how do you bring it all together and make it something [new]. It’s not Princess BrideĀ , it’s not Crouching Tiger, it’s not Master & Commander, it’s not Zorro. What’s this new look of action or sword fighting that people could be excited about? That keeps me up at night.”

The confirmation of a firm filming date will put an end to years of development hell that have seen the proposed reboot of the classic 80s franchise stalled repeatedly since 2008. Stars such as Tom Cruise and Ryan Reynolds are amongst those who were previously linked to the project at various times only for plans and directors to regularly change.

GivenĀ  The Witcher stars Henry Cavill’s devoted fanbase and his proven gifts for supernatural sword fighting excitement and the latest director seem set to finally bring the tale of duelling immortals back to the big screen.

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