Pacific Rim Sequel Already In Production

Legendary Pictures has already begun production on a sequel to Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim, hiring original screenwriter Travis Beacham to produce a new script. The first film doesn’t  even arrive in cinemas till next summer, but the studio is already confident that Del Toro’s take on Giant Monsters fighting Giant Robots will prove to be a bit hit with audiences and the box office.

Del Toro will supervise the writing process but it seems unclear whether or not he’ll have any time to direct a second Pacifc Rim film given the fact he’s already supposed to be directing an endless list of films and TV shows.

It’s perhaps more likely he’d executive produce and hand the giant monster baton over to someone else. Gareth Edwards would seem a likely choice given his previous work on Monsters, but he’s already supposed to be directing Legendary Pictures long delayed Godzilla film, allegedly due out in 2014.

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