Brad Pitt Producing IBM and the Holocaust Movie

Brad Pitt is producing a film version of Edwin Black’s bestselling non-fiction book IBM and the Holocaust. The book alleges that from 1933 the multi-national technology and consulting corporation headquartered in New York was instrumental in helping the Third Reich efficiently process census information to identify Jewish people, ultimately facilitating the holocaust.

HBO had previously planned a TV movie adaptation but the project has now moved on and looks set to perhaps use Pitt’s leading man star power to push itself onto the big screen.

IBM is the second largest US firm with nearly half a million employees and one of the world’s best known and respect global brands. It remains to be seen how the hard-hitting film might impact them particularly internationally and whether they would make any kind of response to the production when it does arrive in cinemas.

News of Brad Pitt’s involvement must be causing the company considerable concern, especially if they’ve seen Inglorious Bastereds. Turn’s out Brad Pitt really does love collecting Nazi Scalps, and he wants some more…

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