Christopher Nolan New Movie Interstellar

Not content with basking in the box office and critical glory of The Dark Knight saga, Director Christopher Nolan has apparently found his next film, a cerebral science fiction effort called Interstellar.

Based on a script from Nolan’s director Jonathan, Interstellar is said to feature a mind-bending array of alternate realities, worm holes and time travel. Apparently the new Nolan brothers’ project has been inspired by the actual scientific theories of noted physicist Kip Thorne.

Steven Spielberg had previously long been attached to the project, but now seems to have abandoned the project in favour of Jurassic Park 4 and his recent efforts to adapt Robopocalypse. Christopher Nolan is now in talks to produce and direct the project, returning to the kind of intelligent sci-fi territory he explored so well in Inception.

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