Ryan Reynolds Joins Highlander Reboot

After the disappointments of Wolverine & Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds has officially joined Lionsgate’s Highlander reboot, hoping it’s the franchise that will finally make him the A-list superstar that his likeable wit and chiselled six pack probably deserves.

Reynolds will be taking the lead role of immortal Scottish warrior Connor MacLeod. The original has remained a popular cult classic thanks to a memorable Queen soundtrack and implausibly accented star turns from Christopher Lambert & Sean Connery. 28 Days Later director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo will be taking helming the new Highlander re-imagining, with more casting news and plot details expected soon.

It’s a promising time for Reynolds who has ghostly police action flick R.I.P.D. out later this year, while his long planned Deadpool movie for Marvel Studios is still officially happening. Having botched the introduction of the popular anti-hero in X Men Origins: Wolverine the new Deadpool movie will also likely be a fresh start for the character. But one way or another Ryan Reynolds will get to play with swords!

2 Responses to “Ryan Reynolds Joins Highlander Reboot”
  1. deadpool rulz says:

    Stop toying with my emotions and give me deadpool. All the silence is defeaning!!!!! Bring us yellow boxes, tacos,Star Wars references, and chimichangas!!!!!!!!!

    • Presumably Marvel is trying to give us all more time to forget X-Men Origins: Wolverine and to prove to them that we’ll pay Avengers money not just Green Lantern money to see Ryan suit up again. Deadpool is officially still happening, but it is worrying that production likely won’t start till 2014, with Big Eyes and Highlander keeping Ryan pretty busy till then.

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