Hulk, Ant Man & Black Panther Movie Updates

Speaking at  fan Q&A in London the day after the London Premiere of Avengers Assemble Mark Ruffalo who plays the not so jolly green giant the Incredible Hulk and producer Kevin Feige spoke about the possibility of a new Hulk movie inspired by the very positive reacton to the latest re-invention of the popular   superhero.

Asked if he though there was any room left to develop the character in further adventures Mark Ruffalo revealed

“With the producers blessing I’m going to try and get Joss Whedon in a room to work out what could be a new standalone Hulk movie.”

When questioned directly as to whether or not there were any firm plans in place for a new Hulk movie, Marvel producer Kevin Feige responded positively that

“In-between all the red carpet interviews over the past few days Mark Ruffalo and I have been starting to talk about how to take all of this good will and forward momentum from the Avengers and turn it into a solo Hulk movie. When that would actually be… who knows. But the conversations have definitely started!”

Although it likely that Joss Whedon wouldn’t necessarily direct any subsequent Hulk movie, it’s reassuring the Marvel is now looking to him to help guide the future of their flagship Avengers  franchise and it’s individual characters as well.

Asked about other long rumoured projects like Ant Man and Black Panther, the Marvel producer gave these updates

“Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish have written a very good draft of a script. They’ve been working on it for three or four years. I met them at comic con right after Shaun of the Dead came out. They’ve made some other great films since then and I do think this summer we’ll see some forward momentum on that.

“We’ve had a draft script for Luke Cage that we’ve had for a number of years and a draft on Black Panther more recently. I’d love to bring the both to the big screen but I just don’t know when yet. AKA Jessica Jones is being developed as a television series. No update but yet but it is in active development.”

The Marvel producer was also questioned over whether or not the recent team up of Disney and Marvel would result in any animated superhero adventures

“Well you may notice that nothing’s been announced yet, but certainly logic would dictate that when you have our characters and their amazing animation team together, certainly there’s been discussion about that. I don’t know when but it would be amazing if that could happen someday.”

Finally addressing the issue of whether or not  Marvel will try to get back the rights to characters like Spiderman, X- Men, Fantastic 4 the producer revealed that

“The ones that could come back to us have. The contracts are very specific and we’re talking years and decades in terms of those contracts. The good news is the Amazing Spiderman that Sony is working on is an excellent movie and I really liked X-Men First Class that Fox did. So if things continue like that I think we’re in good hands.”

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