Peaches Does Herself Review

The Plot

Electro diva Peaches displays her unique musical talents in the form of a bizarre rock opera, with help from guests including The Naked Cowgirl.

The Good

There’s no doubt that Peaches performance will be unlike anything you’ve seen before. As she takes us through a crazy storyline spliced with even crazier set pieces. Luckily though, the accompanying music is catchy enough to keep you entertained throughout.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of listening to Peaches’ music then this is as good a place to start as any. All the hits from her career thus far are showcased here with weird and wacky visuals to have you laughing out loud at some points at the sheer absurdity of it all.

With a brisk 80 minute runtime, Peaches Does Herself doesn’t give audiences much time to ponder what they’re witnessing. The film doesn’t concern itself with profound themes, instead it seems to entirely preoccupied with having lurid naughty fun. Though the film occasionally flirts with being slightly autobiographical, it has more in common with the  feverish fantasy of a wild wet dream than any meaningful reality.

The Bad

Occasionally Peaches turns to a guest to help fill some of the runtime up. The main support comes from The Naked Cowgirl, an elderly lady who screams profanity whilst wondering around in a bikini and cowboy hat. Although thankfully she doesn’t appear as much as she could have, The Naked Cowgirl’s appearance turns the whole affair from unintentionally funny and ridiculous to just plain odd and at times, disgusting.

Peaches unrelenting fixation on genitalia and her trademark brand of electronic musical sleaze certainly won’t appeal to all tastes. Not everyone wants to see an OAP light matches with her nipples in the middle of a nude transgender  ballet. For those uninitiated in the strange ‘teaches of Peaches’ it may be an unwelcome shock.

The Ugly Truth

It’s hard to compare this to anything else you’ll have seen but the closest you can get is that it could be the outcome of The Mighty Boosh crossed with The Rocky Horror Picture Show and dipped in acid just to make things that much more crazier. Yet still there’s something oddly captivating about it.

At no point in your life will you particularly need this film. However if you somehow come across it you won’t be too disappointed. In fact there’s a possibility you’ll be slightly pleased.

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