Mike Myers Writes Wayne’s World 3

Mike Myers has apparently finished his first draft on a long awaited Wayne’s World sequel. Twenty years after the last big screen adventures of Wayne and Garth the new film will reportedly focus on the pair struggling to adapt to a new era of music, marriage and the internet.

Wayne’s World 3 doesn’t have an official production schedule yet and it’s not even clear if the project has been given the final go ahead from the studio. Mike Myers’ next project is supposed to be Austin Powers 4, but there’s been little news of Myers next James Bond spoof since the initial announcement that the groovy spy would be returning for a 4th time.

News of a possible third Wayne’s World film may be greeted cautiously by fans given Mike Myers’ troubled recent track record. Aside from a fleeting Inglorious Basterds cameo and voicing the suspiciously Scottish ogre Shrek, Myers has done little of note in the past decade.

Dana Carvey who plays Wayne’s ever faithful and awkward sidekick Garth Algar already expressed his enthusiasm for reprising the role in January. It seems he’s just as keen as Myers to revisit the popular franchise in search of a much needed career boost.

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