The Nice Guys Might Get 80s Sequel

Talking to Red Carpet News at the London press conference for The Nice Guys Director Shane Black and star Russell Crowe offered their thoughts on a potential sequel to the 70s buddy comedy. Shane Black admitted he’d like to see the series turn into a franchise and move on from the 70s to the 1980s.

All I can say, as I have a bit of canoodling to do on that actually, I love this idea of a sort of time-locked franchise, which means it will never catch up to us. So the sequel will be something in the 80s on an issue of that era, so we can throw these guys up against that wall and see what sticks. I think a fun idea is a timeless private eye who proceeds through a series of historical incidents but will never get to the present day.

Meanwhile Russell Crowe teased about the fact that mentioning sequels has a habit of bringing bad luck to projects.

Interesting thing about sequels, it seems every movie I do someone asks in a press conference if there will be a sequel and then it never happens. So now you’ve f*cked it up for everyone! I mean, certainly there is a lot we can do with these characters so it could be fun. For some reason Ryan and I think the title “The Nice Guys Mexican Detectives” is hilarious and I don’t know why.

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