Denis Villeneuve Directing Dune Reboot

Dune author Frank Herbert’s son Brian Herbert has confirmed via twitter that much acclaimed Arrival director Denis Villeneuve has been signed to direct Legendary Pictures’ upcoming Dune reboot. Villeneuve is already responsible for the forthcoming Bladerunner sequel starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. Positive reactions to early production art and teaser footage for that classic sci-fi reboot clearly makes him [...]

Harrison Ford Back For Bladerunner Sequel

After years of hesitant uncertainty, Harrison Ford is officially confirmed as reprising his role of replicant hunting police officer Rick Deckard in the forthcoming Bladerunner sequel. The original 1982 film loosely based on Philip K Dick’s short novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep has become widely accepted as an enigmatic cult classic and one [...]

Harrison Ford Won’t Return for Bladerunner Sequel

  Following his Alien prequel Prometheus, Ridley Scott is once again set to return to his back catalogue of classic sci-fi noir for a planned sequel to Blade Runner. The original film followed a rough edged detective in a grim dystopian future who reluctantly accepts a final assignment hunting down a group of dangerous escaped [...]