Helen Mirren confirmed for RED 2 & Gaza Movie

On the red carpet at the world premiere of Irvine Welsh’s Ecstasy, Director Rob Heydon confirms that not only is Dame Helen Mirren¬†definitely¬†going to be reprising her role as a ruthless assassin for RED 2, she’s also preparing for a new drama set in Gaza.

While details of the plot of the new middle east film haven’t been released yet, producer Rob Hedyon confirms that the film will be a Canadian/British production and most likely shot in Jordan due to safety issues with filming in Gaza itself.

Philip Martin will be directing the project, having recently been responsible for BBC series Birdsong which starred Eddie Redmayne and was based on a script by Abi Morgan.

The film will also see Helen Mirren reunite with producer Andy Harries, previously responsible for Mirren’s Oscar winning vehicle The Queen.


Video Interview Below:


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