Daniel Radcliffe To Star In Horns

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe may have finished his wand waving adventures, but smash hit horror The Woman In Black proved he can still work magic at the Box Office. He’s now set to star in Horns, a big screen adaptation of a book written by Joe Hill, the son of iconic horror author Stephen King.

Horns is the story of Ig Perrish, a young man who wakes from a night of binge drinking to discover actual horns on his head. Learning that these sinister appendages have the supernatural power to expose people’s darkest secrets, he uses them to seek out the person responsible for the recent brutal murder of his girlfriend.

Alexandre Aja the man responsible for infamous French slasher film Switchblade Romance, is set to direct the brooding and violent tale, with production on Horns starting later this year. It represents another clear statement of intent by Radcliffe to look beyond his devoted Potter fanbase to win the acclaim of mature muggles through demanding adult roles.

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