Avatar Sequels Going Underwater

James Cameron had previously hinted that the forthcoming Avatar sequels would explore more of the world of Pandora, particularly it’s Oceans. Now producer Jon landau had confirmed that efforts are underway to explore technologies to allow for underwater capture of actor’s performances.

Though it’s unclear exactly what form this new technology will take, it does mean that Sam Worthington should almost certainly start practicing holding his breath for a really long time, before James Cameron plunges him into a giant water tank full of cameras.

Cameron has long had a fascination with all things aquatic, previously exploring the subject in groundbreaking  sci-fi hit The Abyss and numerous deep sea documentaries. In fact Cameron already has a 3D documentary chronicling diving expeditions in his Deepsea Challenger submarine due for release next year in 2014.

Avatar 2 is supposedly due for release as early as 2015.

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