Russell Brand Set To Play Cupid

British funny-man Russell Brand is reportedly set to star in a new Warner Bros romantic comedy called Cupid. Brand will be playing a cynical version of the arrow wielding love god who finds himself challenged to create the ultimate romance. It’s a slightly ironic casting choice given the recent high profile failure of his marriage to perky pop superstar Katy Perry.

Cupid will be directed by Joe Nussbaum, most recently responsible for lackluster Walt Disney effort The Prom, snow white themed comedy flop Sydney White and a straight to DVD American Pie effort The Naked Mile. Perhaps not the most inspiring CV…

Brand most recently brought his grungy Lothario charms to the big screen in rock musical Rock Of Ages and will soon be lending his voice to senile gadget maker Dr Nefario in Despicable Me 2. He’s also being strongly rumored to be in contention to replace Jim Carrey in Pierre Pierre

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