James Cameron Plans Three Avatar Sequels

Speaking at a premiere event for her new series Political Animals, Sigourney Weaver has apparently confirmed that James Cameron is planning on filming three more Avatar films back to back.  Weaver who played environmentalist scientist Grace Augustine in the first film admitted she had no idea how long it will take to complete the new trilogy of Pandora based adventures, admitting “I just show up”.

Weaver’s involvement in the sequels is particularly miraculous given the apparent demise of her character in the first film, so it remains to be seen just how she will be featuring in the trinity of sequels.

James Cameron has proclaimed “I’m in the Avatar business. Period”, with his Lightstorm Entertainment production company ceasing development on all other projects to focus exclusively on continuing development of the Avatar sequels and the world of Pandora.

News that there may already be plans for a forth film on top of the previously expected Avatar trilogy would likely see Cameron tied up in production for many years, with first Avatar sequel likely not due hitting cinemas till around 2016.

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