Bryan Singer X-Men Future In Doubt

X-Men Days Of Future Past may be riding high at the box office, but perhaps unsurprisingly given recent high profile sexual assault allegations against him, it’s being reported that Bryan Singer’s position as Director of sequel X-Men Apocalypse is now in doubt.

Various online sources are alleging that studio Fox may be considering pushing Singer back into a producers role for the next installment of the lucrative mutant franchise, as a way of avoiding production delays or adverse publicity surrounding any potential court case.

Singer had previously been replaced as director by Brett Ratner and Matthew Vaughn for X-Men Last Stand and First Class. He took over directing duties for Days of Future Past after Vaughn stepped way to focus on passion project Kingsman: The Secret Service.

The position is made more awkward by the fact that Singer’s return for Apocalypse had already been announced with contracts signed in advance of the recent unwelcome media storm.

Should Singer once again be pushed into a less prominent producers role it remains unclear whether the studio would favour bringing Matthew Vaughn back to complete he trilogy he started or would turn elsewhere.

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