Margot Robbie Talks Tarzan & Alexander Skarsgård

Wolf of Wall Street star Margot Robbie spoke to Red Carpet News at the One For The Boys Charity Fashion Ball event at the Natural History Museum in the heart of the Capital. The beautiful rising star is playing Tarzan’s love interest Jane opposite True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgård in a big screen reboot of Edgar Rice Burrughs iconic hero.  Directed by David Yates, Christoph Waltz and Samuel L. Jackson are also attached to star.

Talking about taking on the iconic role of  Jane Porter Robbie was quick to point out she won’t be  just a token damsel in distress:

“She’s quite independent, not so reliant on Tarzan. I kind of like the strong female characters. She’s definitely a strong character, very intelligent and fun. “

As for whether fans will see Alexander Skarsgård sporting Tarzan’s traditional loin cloth..

“No you won’t. It’s not really that kind of Tarzan movie. The costumes are actually wonderful…. It’s a slightly different take on the traditional Tarzan story so it takes place later on it’s not really about finding Tarzan in the jungle. But it’s a great sort of action, adventure and love story. “

As for what it’s like to work with the True Blood star Margot did admit to being literally and metaphorically swept off her feet:

“Yeah he’s really big. I look like a Hobbit next to him. We were doing a camera test next to him the other day and my fingertips were literally at his knee caps. I was like Oh my god!  He’s really big… I think every girl on set is swooning over him!”

Actual Video Interview Below:

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