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Fifty Shades of Grey has officially become the fastest selling paperback of all time and currently tops the book bestseller lists around the world. Universal and Focus Features recently won a frantic bidding war for the film rights, with rumours of Angelina Jolie being lined up to direct and a host of young stars keen to land the daring lead roles of kinky businessman Christian Grey and virginal love interest Ana

At her first ever UK fan event Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James spoke about the forthcoming movie adaptation. She emphatically ruled out casting Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, despite the fact the novels were originally written as Twilight fan fiction. She did admit however that despite have her own shortlist of stars to play Ana & Christian, the final casting decisions would not be left entirely up to her alone.

The author also defended the books from BDSM community criticism about how the novels present the lifestyle to a mainstream audience. Despite the phenomenal record breaking success of the series, EL James also admitted that she does have fears about the ability of the film version to live up to fan expectations and avoid being a big screen disappointment.

EL James spoke to fans for one and a half hours but you can read interview highlights below:

First fan question, will there be more books in the series and are you intending on re-writing the books from Christian’s perspective?

I might maybe. Yes. I mean… ohhh… It’s a question I get asked a lot usually on Twitter and I usually ignore it frankly. I would like to try and get away from them for a bit because I’m really sick of them frankly. They’ve lived in my head much longer than they have in everyone else’s. So yes I wouldn’t mind going away then coming back to them. But Christian’s a challenge; he’s a really tough headspace to be in. Part of me thinks it will ruin the mystique. But I don’t know, that’s my worry about doing it. I keep saying never say never. I haven’t ruled it out. But frankly I’m exhausted form all of this I need to go and just lie down on a beach.

The books have been celebrated for bringing the BDSM lifestyle to mainstream attention, but how do you feel about criticisms from within that community that Christian as the character who introduces us to that world is damaged, thus playing into the existing negative sterotypes?

Christian is from a damaged place. It’s not saying that Kinky is from a damaged place. The main reason I made him damaged is because I makes for a much more interesting story. If he wasn’t then the narrative just wouldn’t work. I did a lot of research into everything like dominance, submissives, contracts and slave traditions. I know that in the BDSM community it’s a sliding scale from starting with a bit of slap and tickle at one end all the way to a total power exchange. I understand the entire dynamic. It’s true that in this story Christian comes from a difficult place but I found many place on the internet where people also came to the kinky community from difficult places. I found one place where dominants were discussing the psychological problems of their submissives and I found that fascinating. I think because of this range within the community this is just supposed to be how he’s dealt with it.

One of the things I’ve learnt doing this is that I can’t own anybody’s response to the book. I wrote the books because I wanted to tell a fabulous love story. I think the BDSM issue is fascinating and arousing. I think you really need to read all the way through to see how Christian and Ana find their level of doing things and how their relationship progresses. I’m sorry if people do feel that way but if Christian had been a wonderfully rounded human being then the story really wouldn’t have been as good.

How closely inspired were you by the characters in the Twilight books and the performances of Rob & Kristen?

The characters grew; they started that way and developed into completely their own people. It was fascinating getting to know them and know them very well. I didn’t see an outline straight away; I had no idea where these books were going to go. I just went with them. As I go to know them they grew a life of their own.

There been some suggestions that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart could play Christian and Anna, how would you feel about seeing them in Fifty Shades of Grey?

I think it would be too strange ! It would just be .. Uggh weird!

Do you have a cast list in mind already for the film?

I have about 4 people in mind for Ana and 3 for Christian but I’m not telling anyone what they are because I’m not allowed to discuss the movie at all which is a real shame. Things are moving quite slowly on that but hopefully… it’s such fun and so hopefully after we’ve put a few things in place it will all start to move on. We’ve still got to get the producers in place then deal with the script and all that. The actual film is a long way down the line.

Do you have final say on casting and what kind of suggestions have you had so far?

On Facebook I’ve had a list of names as long as my arm from people. Oh my god yes! People have suggested that Pierce Brosnan needs to play Christian. Christian is in the eye of the beholder honestly. AS for the casting decision it will be up to all of us I suppose. It will be a collaborative effort, it won’t just be me. The Director, the producer, the head of the studio might want someone. It’s too early to say.

How do you feel about all the fan speculation about what the movie will be like?

There’s all these fan made trailers. I keep watching them going no, no, no that isn’t it! But I did send one to focus features. Hey look at this, what do you think, we don’t have to do anything.  I didn’t hear back from them.

Movie adaptations often seem to fall short the standard of the original books. Are you worried at all about the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey disappointing fans?

Oh yes of course I’m really worried about that. The thing is a book is such a personal experience it’s only between the author and the reader. It’s not like being part of a huge forum like this, where everyone is expecting you to have their interpretation of that on the big screen. It is a concern and for me I’d rather always see a film first the read the book. Because the books are almost always better. I did have concerns like that, but then I thought, when am I going to have the chance again to work on a Hollywood movie? I thought sod it. I very much believe that life isn’t a dress rehearsal. So I decided to go for it.

Who would you prefer Edward Cullen or Christian Grey?

Oh that’s a tough one but I’d have to say… Christian Grey, because he’s my ultimate fantasy man!


44 Responses to “Fifty Shades Of Grey Sequels, Movie & Casting News”
  1. kwc33 says:

    There is no way the movie will live up to the books…it would have to be X rated. AND Rob and Kristen are the only ppl I can see as Ana/Bella and Christian/Edward. SO I’m not ruining my Fifty and Ana/Bella experience…I’ll just keep reading the books over and over and skip the movie with watered down sex scenes.

    • marilyn says:

      I agree 100 percent with you – SPOT ON

    • Jane says:

      How can she say it would be weird for Rob and Kristen to play the parts due to the fact that they are who gave her the ideas for her book(s) from all the fanfiction she wrote about them on the web sites for Rob and Kristen. They are the ones that made her rich……how soon we forget. But I don’t want them to play the roles…I want to see if she can pull it off with different actors. I wouldn’t be able to watch the movie without thinking of Rob and Kristen in the roles, so whether the movie would bomb at the box office or not, I could care less.

    • kenzee says:

      I disagree, I think Rob& KIristen in the movie would ruin it. Neither one of them are sexy or have the personality that needs to dominate,
      Every movie they are in after Twilight becomes pointless because they act the same in every movie.

      I would actually rather have it as a HBO series. Keep it around longer and I think you’ll be able to show the needed little details.
      FIFTY SHADES FAN!!! Cant’ wait for it to come out :) xoxo

  2. marilyn says:

    I love the 50 shades books as I loved the Twilight series.. But since twi was the muse for the story, edward/bella and bella/kristian are the obvious pics if you want the box office success… If you want ok success you pick a real life couple… perhaps succes to no success anyone else… Its to intimate of a story to be just anyone. Of course this is my opinion but since i love both series and there are differences, but i don’t believe enough for just anyone to pull these characters off.

    Perfect would be David Cronenberg, director hr wouldn’t shy away from anything with robert and kristin… to me that would be perfect……..

  3. tapon39 says:

    I also agree 100%. The only ones that I see, are Robert and Kristen, as Christian and Ana, in Fifthy Shades Of Gray. Can’t see anyone else filling thier shoes. I’ll pass on the movie to, if thier not cast.

  4. Lorraine askew (wallis) says:

    Please do some books from his own words about there relationship
    It’s the best love story ever , this is one 3 of the first books I have really
    Read and would love to read it from his prospective xxxxx
    It’s amazing read them all twice missing them like crazy xx

  5. Laters baby! says:

    I totally disagree! I love twilight and I love fifty shades… But altough they are similar in the way the story goes, they are so different. Rob and Kristen should Definatly not play these character, we need someone new and fresh like they were before twilight!

    If people can’t get past seeing Edward and bella then keep reading twilight and stop comparing!

  6. Candice says:

    No Rob and Kristen. They’re way too awkward in the Twilight movies. The only people I can see playing Ana and Christian are Felicity Jones, Christian Bale, Chris Evans, Jennifer Lawrence (watch Hunger Games)… I don’t know, maybe they’ll hire beautiful unknowns

  7. gem says:

    You cannot cast Bella and Edward for Ana and christian it wouldn’t work at all!! They are who they are and would be weirs picturing them as two different people!! We need some fresh new talent. Christian needs to be far more interesting than Edward!!

  8. maureen Brennan says:

    A big NO to Rob and Kristen if this film is made. I see Rob as Christian in my mind when reading the books but no way is Kristen Ana. I don’t think these two would never touch this film, and rightly so. A problem for me is I cannot imagine how the books can become a film without being either watered down, or being an X rated porn movie.

    • Jessie says:

      I think that Robert and Kristen are both strong actors and I could see them playing Christian and Ana. I really dont think I will go and see the movie if anyone else gets cast. Just because they play a certain role in one film doesnt mean that they are not up for a change in role…I say we give them a chance to see what they really can do as actors.

    • kenzee says:

      I vote for a HBO Series or Starz

  9. Maz says:

    Iagree this would totally spoil ur illusion of christine!! Two totally new characters. Just like they got there shot at moonlight ect xx but he nds to be more mysterious & darker for playing this character. Cant wait i would keep it a total secret my self keeps it sexy xxx

  10. Malia cleghorn says:

    Loved all three books! Have read each book over 30 times, my family thinks I’m crazy (two daughters) but they loved the books to! The characters are amazing, their relationships the best. I see Robert Pattinson as Christian, Ana no set person in mind. Has to be beautiful, strong willed independent woman could be unknown actress. Blake Lively would be awesome as Kate with either Sandra Bullock or Gwyneth Paltrow a Elena. Rest of cast hard to see other than my own visual concepts. Ana the hardest, Rpatz is C Grey for me. Movie will never be the books equal but will go see anyway. Wish it would hold n17 rating so it could actually hold some of the sexual aspects of the books. Hope the emails from the books are spoken by the one writing while we see the recipient read the computer scene. Can’t show Anas thoughts which are huge in the book so the actual sex scenes are going to have to be REALLY STRONG for the movie to be book worthy . Can’t wait to see what the actually do.

  11. flower says:

    emma watson and chris hemsworth !!!!!

  12. highlandgirl says:

    the movie needs to be rated x i’m sorry if all the scenes are to be cut then whats the point…and as far as the role for christain and ana matt bomer/christain and lyndsy fonseca/ana perfect pair for this role!! And i hope the movie does not ruin my view on the books…now I’m afraid to watch it lol!! If its rated R then I know it won’t be good!!

    • bombchelle says:

      i would nt worry to much about it, im sure the adult industry will do their own version, ill waot for that one instead lol

  13. Grey-zy says: everyone else, loved the books…my visualization for Christian and Ana…Ian Somerhalder or Ryan Gossling and Asley Greene…….

  14. teresa says:

    Definitely not on Robert and Kristen. Everyone would just see them as Edward and Bella. On the other hand Joe Manganiello would be perfect for Christian. He has the seductive,drop dead gorgeous look but also can be stern like he needs to be with Ana. Not sure about Ana – maybe Jenna Dewan. Blake Lively for Kate, Ryan Reynolds for Elliott. Other than that, I haven’t really thought about who would play the other characters.

  15. elajenn says:

    My pick for Christian Grey is Alexander Skarsguard and my pick for Anastasia Steele is Ashley Greene. Check them out put them together I think they would be fantastic!!!

  16. Cristy says:

    Kristen and rob should not be Anna/Christian!! They were horrible at there roles! I’m the biggest twilight fan and they made the movie bad!! New actors should play their roles besides, this is so rated r. Theres no way I can see those two did what Anna and Christ did. So PLEASE not them!!

  17. DKP says:

    Chrisitian Bale? Please no,his acting is so blah,boring,plain,his voice never changes,please just no and he seems too old/not attractive enough. I love Ryan Gosling but I think I’d hate him as Christian Grey. The gorgeous,talented,beautiful to women of all ages and races Ian Somerhalder is the only Christian I see. He oozes Christian Grey and naturally has that beautiful yet intimidating face. Christian is not just a pretty face he is the kind of guy who stops women in their tracks and make them stare but they woulod never think of actuallly approaching him unless they already know him well and Ian has it.

  18. DKP says:

    And please no Emma Watson either. Sorry but she’s not beautiful enough to be Ana. If she was Ana I would agree when Ana is so oblivious about her beauty and her appeal to the opposite sex. Ana is very beautiful not like Emma Watson. More like Lucy Hale but with blue eyes.

  19. Seriously says:

    Seriously people? I think Ryan Gosselin should play Christian and get an unknown to play Ana. Rob Pattison is not hott enough!! And please, Kristin Stewart is way too awkward to play such a powerful role.

    Rob and Kristin can stay vampires, lets get some better actors to play actual humans!!

  20. Rhonda says:

    Bradley Cooper would be the perfect Christian Grey!! The eyes, hair, smile, the whole package! He is hot! Not sure about Ana yet. Maybe someone new and fresh. Pretty but kind of plain.? Definitely not Rob and Kristen!!!

  21. Robin says:

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Christian; Scartlett Johanson as Ana.

  22. mrs. grey says:

    henry cavill for christian. he is the PERFECT fit!!!!! i think any long haired average girl could play ana – thats the point. none of these super hot stars.

    • Lorna says:

      it has definately got to be Henry Cavill he has the whole Christian thing going on 100% he is Fifty Shades and more, he would fit the part perfectly,as for Channing Tatum who has put himself in the list thats a big no no, he doesnt come close,he is nice but hes no Christian.

  23. Katie says:

    I loved the books!! They were AMAZING! it would be great to make a movie however I don’t believe it would live.up to the.books. And as for Robert and Kristen…. Hell no they would do no justice to the movie. They would no be able to live up to the expectations of either role!!!!

  24. melissa says:

    i DO NOT think Rob & Kristen should play these characters – they are different all together and would ruin this as they are not part of this world – leave them in the Twilight world.

    I have been reading some posts as to who ladies believe should play Christian Grey and I am not sure they remember him as a young man (27-28). There are some really older men being thrown around and I just laugh because that may be who is in their mind and their Mr. Grey, but you have to think about the book and the overall end game here. I really have no idea who could play Ana because she will have to be a strong woman who is comfortable without clothes on and believes in the book and all the kinky fu##ery that will take place throughout the film. As for Christian Grey, I really like Gabriel Macht for him. He is so damn sexy, can wear a suit like no other and can pull off the just fu##ed hair really well. However this all turns out I am sure we will be disappointed because it’s not the guy we see in our heads – I just hope they can pull this movie off without taking to much out and disappointing us all. But at least we have the books!

  25. Kim says:

    I think Channing Tatum would be the ultimate Christian ♥

  26. Pao says:

    Matt Bomer as Christian, Alexis Bledel as Ana. And for such a weird reason … Patricia Clarkson as Elena, when I read about Mia I saw Ashley Green and for Kate… i just don’t know yet.

  27. eli says:

    Matt Bomer is Cristhian Grey people!!! Please look every picture of him!!!!

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