X-Men Days Of Future Past Sequel Confirmed

X-Men producer Bryan Singer has confirmed in a recent interview that the sequel to Matthew Vaughan’s franchise reboot X-Men First Class will be called X-Men Days of Future Past drawing inspiration from one of the most iconic and well known of the original Marvel comic series.

The storyline for the ‘Days of Future Past’ sees the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly lead to the creation of a dystopian police state, with our favourite mutant heroes imprisoned in concentration camps by giant robot ‘Sentinels’.  When a mutant hero travels into the past to prevent the grim sequence of events, they succeed in changing history and creating two alternate realities.

Specifically asked whether or not the time travelling alternate reality theme of the next adventure would be used to integrate Matthew Vaughan’s 1960’s set adventure into the other trilogy of modern day X-Men films, producer Bryan Singer remained tentative.

 “It’s time to reach out and explore it and perhaps bring some connectivity between the film as Marvel has done so well. So, you may see some of that, I don’t know.”


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