Here Comes The Boom Review

The Plot:

In order to save his schools underfunded music programme and his friend’s job; a delinquent biology teacher must become a trained Mixed Martial Arts fighter in his spare time, battling all the way to the Ultimate Fighting Championships to raise the desperately needed cash. He’s also hoping that along the way he’ll win the love of the unimpressed school nurse.

The Good:

Here Comes The Boom aims itself clearly at audiences that finds Kevin James’ trademark brand of buffoonery hilarious and it should safely hit that target. James deploys his usual arsenal of well-practiced hangdog expressions and obvious best intentions.  Quickly shaking off some initial grumpy apathy his character Scott Voss soon becomes exactly that kind of good natured bumbling underdog he plays so well.

James even manages a bit of unlikely romantic chemistry with Salma Hayek’s disapproving school nurse, though mostly thanks to her obvious charms. Salma Hayek proves once again that she really excels at playing Salma Hayek.

Henry Winkler meanwhile playing a mild mannered music teacher provides a good comedy sparring partner for Scott’s overly enthusiastic fighting coach Niko, played by the imposing Bas Rutten. Their happy enthusiasm is what keeps the film from being as unforgivably awful as so many other ‘knockabout’ comedy efforts that are overly reliant on the joy of watching a portly fellow attempting to do sports.

The Bad:

Here Comes the Boom is watchable but admittedly predictable. If you were to guess the plot and how the film ends right now, you’d be right. The film’s laughs do also often come as expected courtesy of Kevin James getting hit in the face rather hard by a foot or a fist.

King of Queens star Kevin James doesn’t have a reputation for subtlety and it should be obvious even from the title that Here Comes The Boom will be no different from his previous efforts. The film’s literally heavy handed slapstick comedy and lack of surprises might leave some audiences a little unamused and uninspired.

At least the film mostly avoids descending into puerile toilet humour. For example, projectile vomiting is only used as a punch line once. Whether they make you chuckle or groan at least James’ pratfalls lack the sort of mean spirited nastiness of so many current comedy offerings, it is all safe feel-good antics.

The Ugly Truth:

Here Comes The Boom is as subtle as a slap in the face, but thankfully less awful. Kevin James might fail to land too many knockout comedy blows, but an innately likeable supporting cast keeps the film from hitting the mat in the first round. Fans of James’ past efforts can be reassured the new film sticks close to that template and those who are immune to his ‘charms’ can take solace in the fact that at least this time he does get repeatedly beaten up. So whatever your persuasion it’s moderately satisfying.

Video Interview below with Kevin James:

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