Charlize Theron Interview – Snow White and the Hunstman

Beautiful Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron spoke to us on the green carpet at the world premiere of new fairy tale movie Snow White and the Huntsman, co-starring Kristen Stewart, & Avengers action god Chris Hemsworth. Here’s what she had to say about her role as the Evil Queen. 

What made you want to become the Evil Queen ?

I think it was the world and making this film in its entirety that was exciting to me.

Your Character is pretty villainous but she’s also surprisingly vulnerable and fragile. Can you talk a bit about the different layers you put into Ravana?

I mean she’s real and we wanted her to be a Human Being, we wanted her to feel like someone who was really struggling with her conflict.

Is it more liberating to play someone who is a little more villainous sometimes?

I don’t know I think of them as people who are just struggling in different ways, have different objectives and are trying to get different things. I like to think of hem more that way than just good or bad, because I don’t think any of us are just one thing, we’re all a combination of so many things.

You’ve taken darker roles lately in this film, Young Adult and Prometheus is there a particular reason for that or is it just the way things are going?

No, there’s no special reason, they’re all such different roles really. You can’t compare the world of Young Adult they’re such different movies. It’s the same with Prometheus; they’re just very different environments that the characters find themselves in ad that’s really what sets the tone.

How does it feel to step into a massive fanbase with a film like Prometheus?

Look it’s flattering but I can’t really think about it. It’s just so great and really sweet. I’m just incredibly grateful for that. But it is a little intimidating of course. 

Do you still get a buzz walking the red carpet?

You know what it’s still the same as far as the anxiety and nerves. I don’t think that ever goes away because it’s a lot of attention, but it is moving that everyone came out here to support us and this film. They camped out overnight here in the rain. That always always amazes me

You can Listen to the interview below:

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