Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Trailer

With Marvel having opted out of this year’s San Diego comic con it conveniently cleared the way for DC to make a very big show of their ambitious efforts to rapidly launch their own cinematic universe with their 2016 Batman v Superman film. As expected this new three minute taster of the clash of superheroes gives fans a pretty big insight into exactly what’s actually in store.

As we already know the film sees Batman (now played by the famously chinned Ben Affleck) taking on the world’s supposed savior Superman, in the wake of the Metropolis devastating events of Man of Steel. ┬áThe latest trailer reveals a bit more about exactly why the two heroes end up bitterly feuding in stylish capes. It also offers fans a first look at Gal Gadot in action as DC heroine Wonder Woman and Jesse Eisenberg going full on creepy evil genius to fawn over a big hunk of Kryptonite as Lex Luthor.

One specific nugget for comicbook fans is the very clear implication that the Joker has already dispatched Robin in this newly unified DC Cinematic universe. Affleck’s Batman literally asks how many good guys are left, whilst his Batman mournfully stares at a Robin suite with ‘Hahaha jokes on you batman’ scrawled across it.

The trailer also hints pretty clearly that the Dark Knight is able to literally fight the god like Man of Steel thanks to a Batsuite made from reverse engineered Kryptonian technology.

What remains to be seen is whether DC’s impatient attempts to cram in so many new characters and plot points will prove too much of a challenge for director Zack Snyder, especially given his track record for visually impressive but ultimately unsatisfying efforts.

Check out the trailer below:

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