Colin Firth Operation Mincemeat Trailer

World War II drama Operation Mincemeat depicts the real life efforts of British Intelligence to sensationally trick the German military command by planting false information in papers on a dead body of a British soldier left to wash ashore in enemy controlled waters.

Shakespeare In Love and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Director John Madden helms theĀ  project with Colin Firth and Matthew McFadyen playing the real life duo who initially concocted the elaborate scheme to deceive the Nazi War machine at a crucial moment in World War II.

The film also stars Johnny Flynn as Bond author and real life intelligence officer Ian Fleming, alongside Penelope Wilton, Jason Issacs, Kelly MacDonald and Simon Russell Beale.

Check out the official trailer below with the film due to wash ashore into in UK cinemas in January 2022…

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