Tim McInnery Defends Blackadder Goes Forth

Blackadder star Tim McInnerney is the latest cast member to respond to the recent attacks by Michael Gove that the series should not be shown to students as part of education about the First World War. Tony Robinson who played dimwitted Baldrick on the beloved comedy series had previously spoken out in defense of the show, calling Gove’s emarks ‘silly’.

Speaking to Red Carpet News at a gifting event in London Tim McInnerney who played Captain Darling in Blackadder Goes Forth responded to Gove’s criticisms by saying

“I think Michael Gove should go back to studying history because he’s utterly wrong.”

McInnerney revealed that the cast received countless letters of support from the families of war veterans at the time the series originally aired, thanking them for their responsible attitude. Describing the poignant final episode of the series as a ‘quite extraordinary bit of television’ the actor insisted he stood by the use of the show as part of a wider education for young people about a ‘largely necessary war over money and politics, not about facing some sort of evil foe’. 

Talking about the use of comedy as a tool to educate or discuss sensitive subject matters McInnerney insisted it was important to remember that Comedy can be a powerful ‘weapon’ as well as simple entertainment.

Full Video Interview below:

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