Mila Kunis Defends Seth MacFarlane Oscars Hosting

Mila Kunis defended the controversial performance by host Seth MacFarlane at this year’s 85th Academy Awards ceremony during a London press conference for her latest film Oz The Great and Powerful.

The Family Guy and Ted creator MacFarlane drew fierce criticisms for his jokes at this year’s Oscars ceremony, in particular his opening song “We Saw Your Boobs”. Backed by the Los Angeles Gay Men’s choir MacFarlane musically celebrated performances in which audiences had seen leading actresses naked. Nominees like Naomi Watts and former winners like Charlize Theron, Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet were among those referenced.

While some fans were quick to celebrate it as a triumphant comedic display, others voiced concerns over sexism and the danger of perpetuating stereotypes of Hollywood’s offensive double standards toward women.

Whilst admitting she hadn’t seen this year’s ceremony in its entirety,  MacFarlane’s Family Guy & Ted co-star Mila Kunis was quick to assert that he was ‘born to host the Oscars’ and what she had seen of his performance on the night had been very funny.

Full video clip below which also includes former Oscar host James Franco clearly doing his best to avoid the question.:

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