Liam Neeson Returns For Taken 3 Sequel

Fox and Director Luc Besson’s  production company EuropaCorp are reportedly close to securing a $20 million deal to secure the particular set of skills Liam Neeson has for another Taken sequel.

Since emphatically establishing himself as the wrong person to Take things from, particularly cherished family members, the 61 year old star has successfully re-invented himself as a gravel voiced one man army. Fox is clearly convinced that the public appetite to watch Liam Neeson brutally dispatch generic ‘bad guys’ with his bare fists has yet to be satisfied.

No plot details yet as to who would be foolish enough to take anything from Neeson now. It’s also unclear if his daughter/wife could possibly be clueless enough to get themselves kidnapped for a third time. Whether or not you care, Liam Neeson can think of at least 20 million reasons to find out….

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