Shawn Levy To Direct Deadpool 3

Director Shawn Levy is officially set to reunite with his Free Guy and The Adam Project leading man Ryan Reynold’s yet again for Deadpool 3.

The big screen return of Reynold’s as the infamous merc with a mouth was always an inevitability given the enduring popularity of the character and mostly positive and profitable response to the first two films.

What does remain to be seen is precisely when the new film will stab and quip its’ way onto the big screen and how much direct connection it will have with events in the wider and typically more family friendly Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It does seem most likely that the foul mouthed katana wielding anti-hero will finally be far more prominently embraced within the exponentially expanding Marvel ‘Multi-verse’. Having casually integrated Tom Hardy’s Venom franchise into the mainstream MCU in Spider-Man No Way Home the door seems firmly open for R-Rated Deadpool to follow the rest of the X-Men in joining the central ranks of the newly unified MCU.

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