Schwarzenegger Talks Terminator Return

During the London press drive for his new action effort Sabotage,  Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke to Red Carpet News about his impending return to classic roles like Conan, Twins and the Terminator. Schwarzenegger explained why the time was now right for him to once again return to the classic roles that launched his career as a global action superstar:

The next movie for instance is Terminator. That wasn’t something I planned either. It was just they bought the rights that where available for future Terminator movies. They came to me and I felt very honoured, because everyone else had been replaced in the movie. I loved the character, playing a machine. The Universal were coming to me saying we want you to play Conan. I said wow this is really great to get back to these old original characters that really made my career. But again it’s not a plan. I tried to do more Conan movies but the people that owned the rights I didn’t want to do the movies with. I didn’t want to do a Conan movie that was a half assed movie. I wanted a Conan movie done on the level of A-list movies. Where they put a big budget behind it and a great script, because then it can be a successful movie. Then they’re talking to me about Twins to do Triplets! Again this is something I’ve chased for 20 years. But there you have it, all of a sudden Triplets is there. It’s an idea I’ve had since we came out with the first movie. But hey kept on saying there’s no sequel, there is no sequel. Then all of a sudden they call me and say remember you were always talking about that sequel… well we think there’s a terrific movie in there. But it’s a new generation now at the studios, the old guard is gone there’ some new people in there. So this is basically the way it happens. I do one project at a time but I don’t have a specific theme or plan for this and that. Some of those ideas work and some don’t work, but I believe very strongly in those characters and what we do.

On the subject on preparations for the new film Arnie revealed he was just about to start wardrobe tests and interestingly hinted that he will indeed be wearing the classic Terminator outfit… Leather Jacket, T-shit and Combat Boots:

I don’t have any contract that I have to go down to New Orleans next week to practice, to rehearse, and to do camera tests for the entire wardrobe. There’s nothing in my contract about all that. But of course I want to go. You want to have the director Alan Taylor, who’s a fantastic director, to have the ability to make the right choices. The only way he can make the right choices is if he sees on film what the clothes look like. What does this leather jacket look like, what does these combat books look like. What does this shirt look like, how do I look in this t-shirt. What haircut should I have. So I go down for three or four days, hang out with the director and do all the tests. Work with the stunt coordinators. It’s not in the contract but you do it because common sense tells you that this is the right thing to do to make the movie successful.

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