George Lucas gives Star Wars Billions to Charity


Following the extraordinary news of Disney’s multi-billion dollar acquisition of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise rights, George Lucas will according to a Lucasfilm spokesperson be donating

“The majority of the (Disney acquisition) proceeds to his philanthropic endeavours”.

Confirming these intentions George Lucas himself released the following statement:

“For 41 years, the majority of my time and money has been put into the company. As I start a new chapter in my life, it is gratifying that I have the opportunity to devote more time and resources to philanthropy.”

Lucas has been heavily involved in educational charities for many years and had announced as early as 2010 his intent to dedicating the majority of his wealth to “improving education”.

Of course, if you can think of a better way for him to atone for inflicting Jar Jar Binks on adults than paying to educate your children then please do let Mr Lucas know….

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