Steve Coogan Confirms Alan Partridge Return

Attending the British Independent Film Awards in London in support of Philomena and The Look Of Love, star Steve Coogan spoke to Red Carpet News about the prospects of a sequel to recent hit Alan Partridge Alpha Papa.

In news that will delight fans of the iconic comic creation, Coogan confirmed that we have most definitely not seen the last of Alan and that the bumbling regional radio DJ will most definitely return in some form. The Partridge will fly again.

However, Coogan also admits that he’s taking his own ‘mental holiday from Alan’ and that he’s going to give the public a little break from his most famous alter-ego.  So though the character is certain to return, don’t expect to see more of Alan on the big screen any time soon.

Check Out the video clip below for yourself to hear the news straight from the Partridge’s mouth:

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