Preacher Episode Seven Review

The Plot

Jesse’s actions endanger and alienate those closest to him; a glimpse into his past reveals the root of all of his guilt.

The Good

Preacher’s 7th episode (He Gone) kicks off from the shocking twist the series left off on in it’s previous one, with Cassidy now revealed to have witnessed Eugene’s descent into hell thanks to Jesse and Genesis. While Jesse calmly moves on to preaching his service to the congregation wisely surmising that ‘your whole life can change in a moment’, He Gone manages to create a tension filled episode scattered with flashbacks revealing more about the bond between Jesse and Tulip from their childhood.

The episode’s greatest moment comes from the tense dinner sequence, with Cassidy chatting away about the Coen brothers to desperately fill in the awkward silence between Tulip, Emily and Jesse before poor Hugo comes in still searching for Eugene.

Not much happens in this episode in terms of conclusion, but it’s clear that the show is heading steadily towards one, with Cassidy revealing his vampiric ways to Jesse in a desperate bid to kick some sense back into him and get him to try and save Eugene. Writer Mary Laws uses the opportunity to add more to characters, revealing the full extent of our first ever flashback from episode one with Jesse having prayed to God for his father to be killed and sent to hell. It’s heartbreaking to see young Jesse come to the conclusion that he orchestrated his fathers death.

Rounding off with a shot of Quincannon making his way towards Jesse’s church armed with workers and a digger while Jesse claws under the floorboards trying to summon Eugene back with Genesis, it looks like next week will be where the action is.

The Bad

Unfortunately, for the second week in a row we’re robbed of the chance to have more screen-time with the elusive and strange Cowboy. At this rate it feels like the more he is left out of the show, the less interesting he becomes. If he ends up becoming important to the plot as the series has ever so slightly hinted at thus far, it will be hard to gain any interest at the rate his appearances have been so far…

The Ugly Truth

It’s a slow but tension filled episode this week, with more meat getting added to characters but no really huge moments apart from Cassidy’s apparent sacrificial reveal to Jesse. Here’s hoping next week will bring the tension to a head, but for now, Cassidy joins Eugene in the ‘what’s happened with him?’ camp.

Review by Johnny Ellis

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