Irrfan Khan Attacks Unimaginative Bollywood

Irrfan Khan the star of over 100 Bollywood films as well as Life Of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire has launched an outspoken attack on the lack of creativity in modern Indian cinema during an interview with the BBC.

“I think the songs are being used unimaginatively. Earlier, in the 50s and 60s, we had our own unique language and the songs were used in a very imaginative way; songs were the strength of the film. Now we have become complacent, the songs have become a burden. That’s why universal audiences from the West cannot connect. There’s no credibility”

Talking about the recent centenary celebration of India’s first silent feature the actor seemed unenthusiastic about the milestone:

“We don’t have many sources of entertainment – that is the reason we have survived 100 years. There was outstanding work, fabulous work which was done earlier. We had fantastic directors, there were films which were made in so-called Indian style, with song and dance, but they used to deal with complex problems; they used to address the issues of society, but we lost that magic. We have been surviving 100 years, but it does not mean we have any reason to celebrate it”.

Speaking about his own preference for serious drama over lighter efforts.

“There are films which are like a one night stand: You indulge and you forget. I don’t enjoy those kinds of films very much. I try to do films which leave a longer impact, which speak to you and which keep coming back to you after you’ve seen them; I prefer movies which have a longer relationship.”

Khan’s new film The Lunchbox will screen at this year’s London Film Festival next month, having already picked up the viewer’s choice award at the Cannes Film Festival.

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