Ben Kingsley set for Iron Man 3

Sir Ben Kingsley is probably still best known for roles in films like Schindler’s List and Gandhi, but he’s certainly not above risking his credibility for lucrative paychecks playing villains in less lauded blockbuster fair

Past examples include BloodRayne, Thunderbirds, What Planet Are You From?, War Inc., Suspect Zero, and Prince of Persia. Now he’s reportedly entered talks to play a bad guy in the Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3.

It’s long been expected that iron Man 3 would finally see the emergence of Mandarin the Asian supervillan who was Iron man’s frequent comic book nemesis.

It seems to be clear Kingsley won’t be taking on that role but will more likely playing a secondary villain “involved in the spread of a virus through nanobots.” The next Iron man film is supposedly based around the the six-issue Extremis storyline.

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