Back to the future Hoverboard almost real

For years scientists around the globe have been hounded by one great unanswered question. “Why hasn’t anyone invented the Hoverboard from Back to the Future part 2 yet?”  Finally Toy makers Mattel have decided to step in to save nervous scientist from geeky lynch mobs.

From March 1st this year they’re going to be taking orders for a costly 1:1 scale replica of the legendary floating skateboard.

But before anyone starts handing out Nobel prizes, there is one slight flaw in Mattel’s otherwise flawless reproduction. The Mattel Hoverboard won’t actual Hover.  Unsurprising but nonetheless… bitterly disappointing.

Basically instead of the exhilarating joy of flying through the air, dejected fanboys will have to make do for the time being with some whooshing noises and sliding around a bit.

Let’s just hope someone at least invents a real lightsabre soon. It’s 2012 science people, time to play like champions!

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