You’re Next Review

The Plot:

A group of seemingly random attackers gets more than they bargained for when they terrorise a family reunion dinner party. As son Crispian’s new girlfriend Erin turns into the family’s only hope to survive.

The Good:

From the opening scene of Adam Wingard’s latest horror, it’s clear that any slasher fan will be happy for the next ninety minutes. With one of the catchiest songs ever accompanying an entertaining and genuinely funny script You’re Next doesn’t fail to keep you interested. Wingard’s hauntingly simple lingering shocks as well as superb performances from the cast makes this a treat which will have you laughing out loud right before you gasp in horror and shock. Whilst at first seeming like a quirky dysfunctional family comedy, Wingard easily builds the tension up until finally releasing it all in a fantastically disorientated dinner scene.

From then on, You’re Next becomes a fast paced thriller as the Davison family fight to survive the night with the help of Erin (Sharni Vinson – Home and Away‘s Cassie Turner) and her expert knowledge in combat. Whether it’s AJ Bowen’s great comic timing during the dialogue between Crispian and his family, or the surprisingly simple scary masks of the attackers, You’re next offers plenty to entertain you with. However the main treat comes from that of lead actress Sharni Vinson who steals the show as Aussie ass kicker Erin. If this is anything to go by, Vinson is sure to have a stellar career in films and proves herself as a worthy action hero.

The Bad:

Although for the most part, You’re Next stays fresh and entertaining, the final act seems to dampen down a bit. Without spoiling anything, what was a comedy turned thrill fest suddenly switches again, this time into a sort of sick Home Alone. A choice which borders on absurdity.

Another slight let down is the lack of character development in the brisk ninety-five minute run time. Another ten or twenty minutes of some more background story for the Davison family members might have helped the film. And whilst there is humour found from start to finish, often enough it does seem to only pop up here and there out of the blue occasionally.

The Ugly Truth:

The typical slasher genre is given many new depths whilst still hanging onto the stuff that will keep fans happy. With never a dull moment in sight, You’re Next will certainly keep you hooked. You’ll be hard pushed not to want to watch it again and again. If not for the superb action from Vinson or the brilliantly dark humour from Simon Barrett’s screenplay, or even the edge of your seat tension that Wingard brings to the screen, then definitely for the oh so catchy song.

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