YouTube Stars At EE BAFTA Film Awards 2018

YouTube stars walked red carpet at the EE BAFTA Film Awards 2018 rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names from the big screen like Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence. Red Carpet New TV caught up with Marcus Butler, Caspar Lee, Tanya Burr and Jim Champan for chats during the biggest night in the UK film calendar.

Tanya Burr voiced her support for the night’s high profile Time’s Up movement as did husband Jim Chapman. Jim revealed he had ironically just filmed his own film script, with hopes of one day returning to the BAFTAs a fellow filmmaker after turning his romantic comedy into a big screen reality.

Marcus Butler who was on red carpet duty for EE took time out from his own hosting duties to chat to us about his future plans and film favourites. Likewise Caspar Lee spoke to us about his commitment to helping nurture new creators on YouTube through his influencer company.

Both Marcus and Caspar agree that while YouTube does perhaps have its own issues to address with the Me Too and Time’s Up movement, the open nature of the platform makes it harder to solve some of the recent controversies surrounding high profile users.

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