Joe Thomas Rules Out Another Inbetweeners Sequel

The Inbetweeners and Fresh Meat comedy star Joe Thomas has firmly put an end to any lingering speculation that the enormous financial success of The Inbetweeners movies might eventually lead to another sequel despite the initial vocal reluctance of the series creators and cast to continue the franchise.

After the first big screen adventure for The Inbetweeners broke British box office records the shows creators and cast ultimately found it impossible to resist going back for a lucrative second film. However the series creators Iain Morris and Damon Beesley were even more adamant that the series truly had ended this time.

After a few years fans may have wondered whether perhaps this determination to avoid pushing the franchise past yet another natural end point ma have weakened. Speaking to Red Carpet News at the East End Film Festival premiere of his new indie film The Darkest Universe, star Joe Thomas was quick to confirm that there really won’t ever be a third film.

“I think we’re not going to do a third! I think it was an amazing journey that we went on and we never expected it to get that far.  I think we’re all now ready to call it a day on that front. I think we’ve just run out of stories and anecdotes from that time of our lives. It was amazing and we were so grateful that we got to go along that far and it seems surreal we got to do it for that long. But I think it’s extremely unlikely we do something now, it was a great thing but it’s time to call it a day….

I think it was a bit like saying you can’t behave like that in adult life to be honest. There will come a point where you can’t be forgiven for this sort of behavior. I think they did want to put them in a bit of jeopardy. To say you’ll get out of your depth if you carry on like this. Those characters had to grow up at some point. I would say you can be a total idiot when you’re  teenage boy and everything will probably be okay. But you can’t really carry that on into your 20s and thirties. I think the film was maybe leading towards saying something along those lines.”

 Joe talking about his new indie film and the end of Fresh Meat below as well:

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