Awesome New Godzilla Trailer Unleashed

Check out the simply awesome new main trailer for director Gareth Edwards big screen Godzilla revival. Starring Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Ken Wantanabe the new trailer reveals that in fact the new film is positioning itself as something of a sequel to the original 1950′s Godzilla movie which gave birth to the long running monster franchise.

Bryan Cranston’s character seems appropriately furious about the fact that the government has apparently been keeping Godzilla’s terrifying existence secret for half a century, whilst secretly trying to kill it with nuclear bombs under the guise of ‘weapons testing’. Evidently that didn’t work and the towering monster is now getting busy leaving a trail of devastation in his wake across the globe.

The trailer demonstrates exactly the kind technical accomplishment and emotional intensity that made Edward’s low budget debut Monsters such an auspicious directorial calling card. The new film looks set to finally deliver the kind of credible western blockbuster the Godzilla franchise has long deserved, banishing memories of the generally atrocious 1997 version.

Those that found Guillermo Del Toro’s recent Kaiju battling Pacific Rim a little too cartoonish will also be pleased to see Godzilla take the ominous tone of a truly dark and brooding disaster film.

Full Godzilla trailer below:

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