Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin in Iron Man 3

Remember when Sir Ben Kingsley joined the cast of Iron Man 3 and everyone quickly dismissed the idea of him being  Asian Supervillain The Mandarin? Well turns out he actual is going to be playing the power ring wielding bad guy in Shane Black’s new Iron Man Film.

The Mandarin is Tony Stark’s most iconic nemesis from the Iron Man comics, so it’s little surprise to see him finally make an appearance in the franchise. However, Sir Ben Kingsley has a mixed track record with multi-cultural performances to say the least. From the sublime Oscar honoured Ghandi… to the ridiculous efforts in The Guru, The Dictator and Prince of Persia.

Although initial comic con reaction to the news and accompanying footage have been fairly positive so far. So long as he avoids the eyeliner he might just pull it off…

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