Ant Man and The Wasp Review

The Plot

Scott Lang serving the final days of his house arrest finds himself once again caught up in an adventure of both miniature and massive proportions as he joins forces with Dr Hank Pym and erstwhile love interest Hope Van Dyne to tackle a mysterious new foe and solve the dangerous mysteries of the quantum realm.

The Good

Ant Man and The Wasp is a solid sequel for one of Marvel’s less mainstream heroes that keeps much of what worked about his first solo outing. The film showcases a great array of action sequences that makes the absolute best of the unique opportunities afforded by both the miniature and massive proportions offered by the Dr Hank Pym’s technology. Those flawless effect and inventive set pieces combines effortlessly with the film’s playful comedic tone.

Paul Rudd is an ageless star blessed with an embarrassing abundance of natural charisma. His famously endless supply of charming one liners and innate likeability looks in no danger of dwindling any time soon. He is able to make Scott Lang the perfect mix of endearing buffoon and faultless hero. Having done such a good job establishing the character and transitioning to being a genuine action star in the first film, he seems even more at home in the superhero suit this time around.

Likewise Evangeline Lily and Michael Douglas are on typically stellar form as Dr Pym and titular new hero The Wasp. This film even further fleshes out the emotional layers to their relationship and past that the first film did such a good job in establishing. Evangeline Lily in particular is sensational in her super suit, given even more prominent action responsibilities this time round. Obviously having At Man and The Wasp working in tandem provides even more fun opportunities for action packed fun, which the film takes full advantage of.

Michael Pena as Scott’s swift talking comedic sidekick Luis was a scene stealing delight in the first film and he is yet another welcome feature of a sequel which matches and frequently surpasses the original. The addition of Michelle Pfeiffer, Hannah John-Kamen and Laurence Fishburne to the cast is just another example of the abundant embarrassment of riches the MCU has to offer.

The Bad

Those waiting agonisingly to see the resolution of the Infinity War story arc will no doubt feel a little impatient to get to that conclusion and may have a little less initial enthusiasm for this film because of that. While perfectly crafted and self-contained it’s fair to say this is a sequel that in a wider sense very much represents treading water for the MCU. After years of seeing major character introductions and pieces of a much larger puzzle being laid in place fans may have come to merely expect those moments. That is perhaps the only film this film fails to deliver though and it is undeniably brilliant in its own right.

The Ugly Truth

After the dark and emotionally devastating climax of Avengers Infinity War this fun spirited standalone adventure serves as a welcome pallet cleanser for Marvel fans. Armed with impressive and original action, a well-crafted plot and a very likeable cast this is a perfect second outing for Marvel’s most diminutive hero.

Review by Russell Nelson

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