Preacher Episode Three Review

The Plot

Cassidy helps Jesse explore his newfound power; based on new information, Tulip tries to convince Jesse to seek revenge.

The Good

After last weeks slightly lacklustre episode, Preacher’s third episode, The Possibilities, picks itself up again and moves forward in its story at a leisurely but entertaining pace. With Jesse now fully aware of his newfound powers having tested them on Tracy Loach at the end of last weeks episode and promptly leaving her in bed still practically brain dead but now with her eyes open, his next test subject is Cassidy. In one of the episode’s funniest scenes, in which Jesse commands Cassidy to hop and sing him some Johnny Cash (that’s right, the Cash motif continues, though in a much more literal sense).

Meanwhile, Tulip is working towards exacting some revenge on a ‘rat-bastard money-stealing child-killing life-ruining son of a bitch’ Carlos, who, through the briefest of flashbacks, seems to have screwed over both Jesse and Tulip. How this plot line concludes remains to be seen, but the seeds are starting to be sewn. Perhaps Carlos will be the main antagonist for the show. What’s clear for now though, is that writer Chris Kelly manages to use this as a perfect way to grow Jesse’s character, providing a realistic internal battle of deciding whether to use his powers for good or evil.

We also get some more details of the mysterious duo hunting down Jesse as they have another run-in with Cassidy, still vainly believing they’re out to get him.

The Bad

What becomes clear in this episode is that, while Cassidy is more fun, the show needs Jesse to drive the story. His absence for the first fifteen minutes or so is extremely notable. Perhaps given more time he will start to become less needed, but for now at least, the titular character needs some more time to be properly filled out.

The choice to pick up some time after episode 2’s cliffhanger seems like the wrong one. What’s more irritating though, is that Tracy seems to be just left there with her eyes open. Here’s hoping Jesse returns to finish the job he started.

The Ugly Truth

Episode 3 picks up the pace that episode 2 had dropped. With two episodes left until we hit the halfway mark for season one, the plot threads are definitely starting to become stronger. If it keeps this up Preacher will be hard to limit to only 40 minutes a week…

Review by Johnny Ellis

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