New Rocky IV Cut Axes Robot Butler

Sylvester Stallone’s recut and reimagined version of classic franchise installment Rocky IV is coming ever closer to release and as it does more details are emerging about exactly what will be different about this ‘Ultimate Directors Cut’.

It’s already been confirmed by the official trailer and previous announcements that the new edition of the film will feature additional footage including scenes not featured in the original release. However fans are still debating something that Stallone has chosen to remove from the film.

The original release of the film saw Rocky at the height of his fame and well earned wealth enjoying the luxuries his years as a boxing champ had afforded him. One of the most memorable things Rocky purchased was a talking life size robot butler, as a gift for his slobby brother in law Paulie. Paulie initially spurned his unusual gift as a walking trash can, but later learnt to love his new robot friend, their bonding providing the film with a memorable weird comedic subplot.

The robot in question named SICO became something of a cult favourite among fans due to it’s extravagant and somewhat bizarre placement in the otherwise musclebound slugfest of a movie. In real life the SICO robot itself even went on to have a lingering career in showbusiness, touring with James Brown, making TV cameos and even meeting presidents.

However Stallone confirmed at the end of August via Instagram that the new version of ROCKY IV will in fact remove all trace of the character, apparently making room for the new scenes and seemingly more serious tone of the new cut by removing the odd comedy subplot entirely.

It’s likely fans will mostly accept Stallone’s decision to send the robot butler ‘to the junkyard’ as the trailer for the director’s cut does seem to show that Stallon may actually have improved upon the already much beloved original release of the film. Pruning away some of the gaudy excess to bring the film’s tone back into line with the rest of the mostly serious and gritty franchise.

Check out the official trailer below:

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