First Look At Richard Ayoade’s The Double

Here’s the first images from The Double, directed by Richard Ayoade (Submarine, The IT Crowd) and starring Jesse Eisenberg alongside Noah Taylor. The Double is a loose adaptation of a Russian literature classic originally by Fyodor Dostoevsky. Updating the tale to modern day America, The Double finds a shy bureaucrat having his life thrown into turmoil when [...]

Legal Action May Stop Jesse Eisenberg Film Night Moves

Jesse Eisenberg & Dakota Fanning are due to start filming a new film called Night Moves next month, however legal action could now halt production permanently on the project. Edward R. Pressman Films, the production company behind American Psycho, has brought a legal action claiming that the plot of the film is stolen form a [...]

Fake Woody Allen Trailer Looks Real

If you just can’t wait for To Rome With Love to hit UK cinemas and you urgently need a quick fix of neurotic intellectual ramblings set to a jaunty jazz soundtrack, you may enjoy this affectionate Woody Allen tribute courtesy of Funny Or Die. It’s just a shame that the nasal whining and matching Gap wardrobe of Woody, [...]