Top Child Stars

    An accomplished performance from a seasoned performer is impressive, but there’s something effortless and magical about a young star that just seems to innately know how to work the camera and tug on audience heartstrings. Child stars are those lucky talents who hit the big time before they hit puberty. For the rare few [...]

Top Movie Villains

1. Magneto – X-Men Michael Fassbender and Sir Ian McKellan have both helped make metal bending mutant Magneto an iconic and oddly likeable super villain. A fine array of wry one liners coupled with the ability to move cars, bullets and bridges with his mind makes him an impressively powerful and charming anti-hero. He also [...]

Top Movie Couples Of All Time

Love is most definitely in the air  as we celebrate the top movie couples of all time. From slushy feel-good rom-coms to heart-breaking tragedies we laugh, cry and cheer our way through all these cinematic love stories. Nothing can compete with the exhilaration of first love, the pain of unrequited love or the ultimate euphoria [...]

Best Kids Films Of All Time

The best films we watch as children not only entertain and amaze us; they fundamentally shape who we are and how we see the world. These films stay with us long after we’ve left playground games and imaginary friends behind us. Even as an adult watching a childhood favorite film can feel  uniquely comforting and [...]