The Great Gatsby Review

The Plot: An adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Long Island-set novel, follows mid-Westerner Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) as he documents his lavish encounters with neighbour Jay Gatsby; who seems to have all the wealth and wonder in the world, but remains childishly unsatisfied without one thing, the woman he adores, Daisy (Carey Mulligan). The Good: [...]

The Great Gatsby Trailer

The first trailer has arrived for Baz Lurhmann’s big screen re-imagining of The Great Gatsby, based on the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald . Leonardo DiCaprio stars alongside Tobey Maguire,  Joel Edgerton and Carey Mulligan. While the casting is flawless and beyond reproach some may question whether Fitzgerald ever intended his tale of 1920′s decadence, love and obsession to have [...]