Unfriended Review

The Plot A group of friends gather online on the anniversary of their friend, Laura’s, death. But things turn dark when Laura starts contacting them online in search of the person who killed her. The Good One of the most interesting aspects of this latest sub-genre of the found footage film, which uses a computer [...]

As Above So Below Review

The Plot A team of explorers delve into the depths of the catacombs buried under the streets of Paris to find the philosopher’s stone. But the deeper they go, the bigger mysteries they oncover… The Good This latest found footage flick from the makers of Quarantine and Devil starts strong enough with a well done [...]

Earth To Echo Review

The Plot With their homes being removed to make way for a new highway, three friends decide to spend their final night together trying to figure out the mystery behind a strange map that begins to appear on their phones. Armed with handheld cameras and their bikes, the boys soon come across a lost alien/robot [...]