Hugh Lauire might join RoboCop Cast

The big screen reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s cult 1980’s action flick RoboCop looks set to add yet another surprisingly credible cast member in the shape of Hugh Laurie, the surly star of TV’s House. MGM are courting the wry British actor to star as the villainous mega-rich CEO of the company that transforms deceased cop [...]

Dredd 3D Trailer Judge For Yourselves

The first trailer for Dredd 3D the big screen reboot of 2000AD cult comicbook hero Judge Dredd has arrived, with its shiny helmet and permanent frown firmly in place. On the up side it already looks far more credible than the embarrassing mid 90′s version which starred Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider. On the downside it looks a little [...]

The Mummy and Van Helsing Reboot News

Writing duo Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci have signed a two year first look production deal with Universal pictures that will include working on the big screen reboots of both The Mummy and Van Helsing Franchises. They’re in high demand in Hollywood lately, having recently made another deal with Sony to write and executive produce the [...]

Short Circuit Reboot Details

A few weeks ago it was confirmed that Short Circuit was joining the ever increasing list of childhood memories getting a potentially ill-advised reboot. The 80′s cult classic tells the story of friendly robot Johnny Five, who escapes from a government facility after a lightning strike brings it to life. Alvin and The Chipmunk’s director [...]

Short Circuit Remake Gets Writer

Breaking News of yet another modern update of a 80s sci-fi favourite,because apparently the mid-eighties is roughly when people stopped having original ideas. Dimension Films’ Short Circuit remake now has a writer attached to help Alvin and the Chipmunks director Tim Hill in his efforts to somehow get a CGI robot to look more convincing [...]