Sherlock cast react to Tom Hiddleston rumour

Lately rumours have circulated online that Tom Hiddleston might be joining the cast of Sherlock for the 4th series as the mysterious third Holmes brother vaguely alluded to by snippets of dialogue in the previous series.

Though it could easily be dismissed as simply product of wild internet speculation and the stuff of fevered fan girl fantasies; we asked Sherlock star Amanda Abbington what she thought during a recent interview. Judge for you form the quick clip below whether or not Mary Watson knows more than she’s saying…

It might not be entirely far-fetched casting as Steven Moffat is a fan of subtly setting up plot twists and new character with subliminal dialogue. So an unexpected third Holmes brother would

Also Benedict Cumberbatch has a well-documented respect and history with rapidly rising superstar Hiddleston, most recently working together on War Horse. Clip below of Benedict talking to us about how he and Tom both honed their acting craft on theatre stage.

Whether it would be a brief cameo or a more significant role for Hiddleston, there’s certainly no doubt fans would welcome seeing these two stars sharing the screen and he would be a perfect addition to the stellar British cast. The game is on.

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